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CrossTown Fitness & Collide Coworking!


front with sloaneCharlie at CrossTown Fitness was nice enough to invite Collide Coworking to come try out their class before we have our event there next week on September 10th.

\checking in

 The space is so gorgeous and modern. They have a great food bar, the staff is really friendly, and checking in was a breeze.

 sloane lifting

sloane in day care

Sloane got a quick work out in before she headed to the kids space which had a ton of toys and books. She didn’t even cry when I dropped her off, which these days, is huge.



And here we are mid work out. Sorry for the shaky pictures. It was hard to hold my phone because I was, dying? It was tough, in a good way. It definitely was a full body workout, I feel like every muscle in my body was worked, including my wrists, is that a possible? There was a great energy in the room, and everyone going at their own pace, yet feeling very motivated to work hard.

They have a beautiful cafe where we’ll be hosting the coworking from 9:50-11:50 on September 10th. Crosstown Fitness is offering $10 off their $25 class for their classes at 9 and 12 (which includes childcare). The idea for the day is to get a work out in before or after your two hours of coworking. I’m personally really excited about the day and hope we can partner with CTF on a regular basis.

You can try a class out with the coworking, or just the coworking, or just the class – you choose!

Go to CrossTown Fitness to register for your class at 9 or 12, using the code “collide”.

Then go to Collide Coworking events page to register for your coworking – $30 for two hours.

Hope to see you on September 10th!


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