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Meet Your Future Coworker – Shannon!

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Shannon is a Little Italy resident, and has a 1.5 year old baby boy with a fierce love of ducks and balls. She’s a freelance brand strategist who works with several large agencies in Chicago and gets a high from landing on the right communications strategy for an organization. Shannon is also constantly looking for other freelancers interested in collaborating or participating in projects she’s working on (specifically designers, videographers and other freelancers in the advertising world). She loves co-working spaces because she works best surrounded by creativity, while she gets down to business and can focus. Like a lot of moms, Shannon constantly feel torn between doing what’s best for her and doing what’s best for her little pumpkin. The current environment in the US makes it hard to feel like you are growing in your career and still nurturing your family, but she feels Collide has proven that it’s possible to do both.

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