Infographics of Coworking and Childcare

Who doesn’t like a good old fashion infographic:

Infographics of Coworking




Child Care infographic image



Babies Babies Babies

Did you work from home before having a baby? I didn’t and when I had a baby it completely changed my work and home lifestyle. Deciding what’s best for your family financially, professionally, and emotionally can be really difficult and may change over time.

When it came to a point to look into childcare, I came to these two conclusions:

1. There aren’t a lot of options for childcare

2. The options that do exists are really expensive

Options available:

-Daycare centers (Typically inflexible. You have to sign up on a semester basis. They are closed on school holidays. If your baby is sick, you still have to pay for that day they aren’t there. Also, it’s competitive to get into good ones)

-Nanny (Typically paid in cash, which after I got paid was getting a significant percentage of my pay check. I was surprised at the prices ($15 and hour) and one nanny inquired about paid leave and benefits, which I wasn’t even getting)

-Nannyshare – (If you’re able to find someone to partner, it could be great and a more affordable option but hard to find that perfect match. also i found unless i had really reliable work schedule it wouldn’t really work)

-Drop in Daycare – I could not find one in Chicago. If you know of one – let me know!

Am I missing something?