More childcare options needed, please!

Studies show that households are increasingly requiring both parents to work to make ends meet.

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With more and more parents choosing to work outside the home, coworking with childcare is an option that parents need to have!



The future!

Coworking is for everyone! It is not a trend. It’s proven to have the staying power to fill a growing need in the market place, and now that need includes a place for your kids too!

Coworking started by targeting freelancers, start ups, and remote workers looking to be in an environment that would allow them to work, but also to network. Now, companies and individuals are viewing coworking spaces as valuable places of work for their employees and for themselves. The value of these spaces will only increase if the needs of working parents are considered going forward.

Adding childcare to coworking spaces is the obvious next step, as it contributes to wellness, and the work/life balance that individuals now value so much! Coworking with childcare is the future! Here at Collide, we are making that happen.