coworking, coworking with childcare

Meet Your Future Coworker – Alicia!

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Alicia Barney is a freelance writer and editor and mom of 1-and-a-half year old Rosemary. A Lincoln Park resident for six years, Alicia has worked for travel websites, news magazines and in public radio as a journalist and content producer. Now a freelancer, she likes the flexibility of coworking, which allows her to scale back—or ramp things up—according to her irregular schedule. And she appreciates the benefits of working nearby while her daughter plays, but in a space where she can focus on getting down to business (not putting in a load of laundry).

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coworking, coworking with childcare

Meet Your Future Coworker! – Kiley!

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Kiley Merrill is West Loop resident of 4 years and has two kids, Hunter (2), and Hannah (3 months). Kiley works at Executive Networks, the premiere networking company for HR Executives, as a Network Director for the last 5 years. She is interested in coworking to give her the ability to focus on work and also be close to her children. With a young baby, Kiley finds it especially helpful to know that her kids are in good hands and that she’s there to breastfeed or soothe when needed. Kiley also values the flexible hours as schedules can change on a day-to-day basis. Coworking is the perfect option for Kiley in her professional and personal life.

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10 Coworking Essentials

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So, with school starting and supply lists being checked off, we thought coworking deserved a list too.

1. Laptop charger – essential. Unless you have a crazy amazing laptop that I have never heard of in my life.

2. Phone charger – you may be using your phone more than you think. Just bring it.

3. Headphones – for music, phone calls, or a little privacy.

4. Phone – because there’s just work that you can’t get done on your laptop.

5. Notepad – sometimes it’s just nice to have one. Especially when you’re meeting with people or attending a lunch and learn, it’s nice to show that you’re focused on them and not actually checking your email.

6. Pen – full stop.

7. Water bottle – there will probably be cups at the coworking space you’re working at, but it’s also nice to leave as little clean-up as possible. However, the water cooler moments are great breaks and ways to talk casually to your fellow coworkers. So bring your water bottle empty, fill up frequently

8. Snack – this is absolutely essential, for obvious reasons. I try to live by the “never eat lunch alone” motto – always look for reasons to connect with people. That’s what coworking is all about!

9. Business cards – just do it. In some ways it seems old school but it’s still a nice gesture.

10. Flash drive – for those large files that are hard to transfer, the day you have to go to kinkos, or for the moment when you need to look especially 2003 nerdy, wear it with a lanyard.

What other coworking essentials am I missing?



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